The 2014 Ultimate Money-Making Photography Workshop, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Videography

The video workshop was everything I had hoped it would be. Tom Reissmann, our teacher, made everything seem so easy, that I came away with the feeling of, "Yes, I can do this!"

After a session in the classroom, we went out to the Santa Fe's central plaza, with a task to film what was going on there. We mounted our cameras on tripods, and diligently practiced steady panning, to give our videos a smooth look.

This is my first video. The Plaza, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Once I had made my first video, I was then inspired to put together a sequence of images of the art and culture of Santa Fe into another video,

...and here is that result.

I must add that the music for both videos is by http://www.purple-planet.com/

Now I am busy capturing themed video clips of Istanbul. This is so much fun. Watch this space!

by Elizabeth Coughlan


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    1. Oh, no! It's because I have them on YouTube, and that site is banned in Turkey. There is an easy way around that if you want.


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