The 2014 Ultimate Money-Making Photography Workshop, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Day 2 and Day 3


One of my assignment photos. The Rail Runner, that runs between Santa Fe and Albuquerque.
It is painted with a cartoon image of the state bird, the road runner.

On the second day of our workshop, we were given an assignment to go out and photograph Santa Fe. We could choose whether we were shooting for stock photography, or for travel photography, and we were given detailed assignment sheets to get us going. Santa Fe is such an amazing city that we all had lots to choose from.

San Miguel Church is said to be the oldest structure in the USA, dating from 1610

Later that day, we had to bring our three best images to a photo critique. This was such a positive experience as, not only did we have a professional to critique our images, but we got to see the images from others in our group, and hear the critique for them too.

The New Mexico State Capitol is the seat of the US government in the state of New Mexico. It is unique because of its round design, which is supposed to resemble the Zia Sun Symbol when viewed from above

The third day was in the lecture hall, where we got to hear from all the different presenters. Wow, what an information overload! I now have lots of notes, and access to all the videos online, so I can review everything at my leisure.

It wasn't all work and no play, however, as the video in the article on this link will show you. (Unfortunately, you can't see me. I was at the back of the room on the left in the video.)

Here is the miraculous stairway

The Loretto Chapel, built in 1873, is no longer a church, as it is now privately owned, and has been turned into a museum. In its day, it was a special place of worship because of the miraculous staircase. The story goes that the church needed a staircase, and one day a carpenter named Joseph appeared and voluntarily built the staircase without using any nails, or a central support beam. As soon as the staircase was finished, Joseph disappeared, and was never seen again.

Santuario Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe was built in 1781. This historic church is now an art and history museum.  Among its artistic treasures works is the oil painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe, dated 1783, and signed by Jose de Alzibar, one of Mexico's most renowned painters.

The statue of Our Lady of the Rosary, with people's offerings

The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, built between 1869 and 1886, was built with stone from local quarries. In the Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary, there is a wooden statue of the Virgin known as Our Lady of Peace, or more popularly known as La Conquistadora. The statue was first brought to Santa Fe in 1625, and was returned to the city by the armies of Don Diego de Vargas during the re-conquest of 1692.

First Presbyterian Church, , dating from 1867, the oldest Protestant Church in New Mexico and Arizona.
It was built on the ruins of an earlier Baptist Church.

Everyone tries to get a photo of this!
Well, at least everyone who remembers the '60s does!

...and I loved this wall art. So much better than most of the graffiti I see!

by Elizabeth Coughlan


  1. Your blog brought back all the memories of that workshop. Fantastic photos. I think everyone who attended had a great time. Thanks for sharing Liz.

    1. Yes, it was such fun. I, too, think everyone had a great time. How could they not?

  2. What a great experience! Super results too.

  3. Great photos Liz and only on Day 2 of your workshop! What gorgeous blue skies.

    1. Thanks, Helen. They say the blue skies are down to the altitude. Santa Fe is at 7,000 feet!


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