A trip to Denver, Colorado

This is the new Union station in Denver. It used to be an abandoned rail yard.

After our visit to the Rocky Mountain National Park, we drove to Denver, where we stayed for the remainder of our trip. We were fortunate that our friends Efraín and Cathy live there, so they could show us around. Everywhere we looked there seemed to be construction going on. Denver is creating a new city within a city.

Here is the old station, and the new together

I love this sculpture of a blue bear, staring into the Colorado Convention Center

Although everyone refers to the above sculpture as the "Blue Bear", its real title is, "I see what you mean". The structure is enormous at 40 ft (over 12 metres), and is already a star of TV and film.

We decided to escape Denver and visit the surrounding area. Mainly because of the vast numbers of tourists pouring into Denver. Many had come to take part in The Marijuana Festival, with thousands of people crammed into the park taking advantage of the, now legalised, drug.

We, on the other hand, went to visit Dinosaur Ridge, and the Colorado's Red Rock Amphitheatre in Golden.

Dinosaur ridge is a fascinating glimpse into the past. More than 300 Iguanodon-like dinosaur footprints have
been preserved here.

A dinosaur's footprint

Red Rock Amphitheater

The Red Rock Amphitheater is used widely as a music venue for visiting bands, although, when we went there, university students appeared to be using it as a fitness training center.

Golden City was formed in 1859, during the days of the gold rush.

I was amused by this historic sign next to the bridge in Golden.

And here, they claim,  is the resting place of "Buffalo Bill" Cody, on nearby Lookout Mountain

...as it says here

While in Denver, we also visited the Botanical Gardens there. Unfortunately, they were being renovated, but there were still some lovely sights to see.

Sadly, that was the end of our visit to New Mexico and Colorado, and it was time to say goodbye. Thank you to all new and old friends, but especially to Pamela in Santa Fe, and Efraín and Cathy in Denver. Hasta la vista!

Elizabeth Coughlan

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