Katelyn's 5th Birthday

Birthday girl, Katelyn

We arrived in Australia just in time for our granddaughter Katelyn's 5th birthday. Suzi baked her a special rainbow cake, and held a lovely party for Katelyn and her friends.

The Rainbow Cake
The sponge inside was striped with colours of the rainbow!

Katelyn and her friends played with bubbles

Katelyn busy drawing. She loves to draw and paint.

We also got to go to the Farmers' Market. I have always loved these, in any country I have been, as I always find something interesting.

Farmers' Market in Stroud NSW

I was surprised to see these monks from the nearby hermitage,
contemplating the wine for sale

Here is cowgirl Katelyn sitting on a fence

Here is Katelyn's Cowgirl Dance
(This is best viewed small, as it is low res. The high res. one
took far too long to upload)

We treated ourselves to pizzas for lunch

Interestingly, the guy selling pizzas had adapted his van to take a pizza oven in the back. Now he makes his living as a mobile pizza seller. He drives to people's houses, or other venues, when they want a pizza party. What a great idea!

by Elizabeth Coughlan

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