The Antrona Valley, and the Campiccioli Dam, Piedmont, Italy

Just one of the stunning views in the Atrona Valley, Piedmont

The view was spectacular, as we drove high up into the mountains in Guliano's 4x4. We had crossed Lake Maggiore to Piedmont and were heading for the Antrona Valley. On the way, we stopped off at a little village delicatessen, where Guliano selected our delicious lunch.

The view of Lake Antrona, from the Campiccioli Dam wall

We reached Lake Antrona, where the road stopped, with a sign saying, "No vehicles beyond this point." Nevertheless, Guliano continued onward and upward, along scary narrow tracks, and heart stopping bends, until we reached the  Campiccioli Dam.

The Campiccioli Dam

There, we left the car and walked across the dam wall, through the undergrowth, and up a barely defined pathway to a shady spot beside the dam. This was where we were to spend our day, with a picnic by the lake and the sheer pleasure of being in the mountains, with not another person in sight.

Giuliano, Reg, Jessica, Carlotta, and David, walking across the dam wall

Here they are walking along a narrow trail through the undergrowth

The Campiccioli dam was built on the Rio Campliccioli Troncone, 
between 1924 and 1928, and began operation in 1930. 

Jessica, with David, on the edge of the dam.

Giuliano and Carlotta fishing

Jessica and Reg were brave enough to try swimming in the freezing water

Later, we drove back down the mountain to explore one of the quaint villages in the area, and enjoy a welcome late afternoon drink. I, of course ordered an Aperol Spritz, although they brought me a Campari Spritz by mistake. I must say, that is equally delicious!

Here David is sampling the water in the village well.

Giuliano's delicious Mushroom Pasta

While we were in the mountains, at some point, Giuliano and Reg had gone off to pick some wild mushrooms. On arrival, back at Bistro Laguna Blu, Giuliano cooked them, and served up a mushroom pasta for us all to try.

Sunset over Lake Maggiore

It was a perfect end to a perfect day, as we watched the sun set over the mountains we had visited. Thank you once again, Giuliano!

by Elizabeth Coughlan

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