Varese, Northern Italy

The narrow pedestrian streets of Varese

We spent a glorious day in the picturesque city of Varese, which lies at the foot of Sacro Monte di Varese, part of the Campo dei Fiori mountain range. This charming city is small enough to tour on foot, especially as many of the streets are pedestrian-only.

Entrance Archway

I was fascinated to see that many of the older buildings could only be accessed through an archway into a beautifully preserved courtyard.

The fountain in the courtyard seen above.

The Basilica S. Vittore, with its neoclassical architecture, is the main church of the town

Next to the Basilica is the imposing Bell Tower, Torre Campanaria, 1616-1774. 
This bell tower is nearly 80 feet high.

Battistero di S. Giovanni Battista
(The Baptistery of St John the Baptist) 

This is the most ancient monument of Varese; built between the 12th and 13th centuries. It can be found behind the Basilica, at the foot of the Bell Tower. Unfortunately, when we were there it was closed, and we were unable to see the famous series of frescos, that have been carefully preserved, inside.

Piazza del Podestà

In the centre of the Piazza del Podestà stands the monument to the Battle of Varese, a bronze statue of the the "Garibaldino", which is a copy of the original grey stone one by the artist Leone Buzzi from Viggiù.

Many of the buildings are beautifully decorated,
like this window...

...or this whole building

Some of the buildings date back centuries. I particularly liked this beautiful Gothic terracotta window, below...

 Casa Perabò, Varese.

...and this door

 Casa Perabò, Varese.

Of course, before returning home, we just had to sit in one of the delightful squares to muse on our day, and drink an Aperol Spritz or two. This is definitely somewhere I would like to visit again.

Elizabeth Coughlan

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