Christine and Hanna's Visit to Istanbul

Yerebatan Cistern. This extraordinary feat of Roman engineering, enlarged to its present 
dimensions by the Emperor Justinian I in 532, was used to store water for the Great Palace.

No matter how many times I take visitors around Istanbul, I always try to find new angles to showcase this city in my photography. Even the exact same shot, taken on a different day in different circumstances, can become unique - well in my eyes anyway. I never tire of photographing this amazing city!

So when Christine and Hanna came to stay, I happily grabbed my camera, and took them on a lightning tour of Istanbul's most iconic sights.

Photographs create memories, and here is a snapshot of some of the most memorable moments I captured, of their time in Istanbul.

We began in the tour in the Yerebatan Cistern (also known as the Basilica Cistern). This is a challenge for any photographer, as it is quite dark down there underground, and the lighting is more for the effect. Also, tripods are forbidden, unless one is prepared to pay a fee, which, the last time I asked, was 250TL.

Of course, food featured large on our trip, as who can ignore the many delightful culinary delights on offer in Istanbul?

This is Kunefe, a delicious dessert made with shredded pastry, cheese, and sugar, 
served with ground pistachio nuts sprinkled over the top.

We visited the Rustem Pasa Mosque...

...famous for its beautiful Iznik tiles

Turkish delight

While we were in the area, we couldn't fail to visit the Spice Bazaar, and try some Turkish delight!

While Christine explored this shop...

...Hanna and I photographed the exquisite plates in the room above

Part of the colourful tiled wall display in the underground station of the Marmaray

 The Marmaray is the underground train tunnel that runs under the Bosphorus, linking the European side with Asia. We used this as an alternative to the usual ferry. 

Hanna (with the camera) and Christine in the courtyard of the favourites,
in the Topkapi Palace

Enjoying the day at the Topkapi Palace

We watched these ladies making gözleme (a sort of filled pancake)

...and then couldn't resist trying some

Christine in the Blue Mosque

Hanna in the Blue Mosque too!

...and we couldn't miss the Suleymaniye Mosque

We packed so much into such a short time, but it was fun! I hope Christine and Hanna enjoyed it too, and come back to visit again some time

by Elizabeth Coughlan


  1. We had a great time and will definitely be back!

    1. Thanks for coming! I look forward to your next visit!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. This are surely an amazing place to chill out, and the images are cool..it seems like you guys had an wonderful time in here.

  3. I love Istanbul. It is an amazing city. Thanks for liking my images.


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