Mary and Annette visit Istanbul

Mary and Annette next to the stunning view from the Topkapi Palace

It's very easy to show visitors a good time in Istanbul, as Mary and Annette discovered. Fortunately they were blessed with good weather, and were able to see the city at its best. Of course, we just had to do the tourist bit and see the major sights, like Topkapi, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern and so on, but we managed to get in a fair bit of shopping too!

Scarves are a must-buy when you visit the Grand Bazaar. Mary and Annette also had a lesson
there in how to drape a scarf to the best effect

They took lots of photos of their trip. Here, Mary is photographing the Bosphorus
from the roof of the Buyuk Valide Han

Mary and Annette comparing photos as they ride in a ferry

We visited the Sali Pazar (Tuesday Bazaar), which is always a fun thing to do,
especially if you love shopping!

We just couldn't believe the size of these cabbages this man was selling!

One of our outings was to Buyukada (the Big Island). Annette loved these
typically Turkish covered benches in this cafe...

...and we thought Mary should have her picture taken here, too!

We took a drive in a carriage....

...and walked through the forest 

But Mary thought she needed an extra workout!

I had lots of fun showing Mary and Annette around Istanbul, and I am sure they had fun too! I do hope they get to visit again!

by Elizabeth Coughlan

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