Tiger Fishing on the Zambezi, Zimbabwe

The brothers: from the left, Paddy David, Martin, Terry, and in front, Tim.

While I was visiting Jane and family in South Africa, David was fishing on the Zambezi with his brothers. This is an annual event, where they get together to enjoy each others' company in this unique environment; spending their days on the river, and their nights at the luxury Chikwenya Safari Lodge, on the edge of the World Heritage Mana Pools.

Each day, after an early 6am breakfast, they headed for the boat...

...and readied themselves for the day ahead

One day, Tim caught a huge tiger fish...

...but on another day, he wasn't so lucky

Here is one David caught

As their boat drifted on the current, they saw game, 
like this herd of elephant on the bank...

...and some fairly close, when they came to the river to drink...

...or even closer, when this hippo galloped by!

The long days often took their toll...

...but they arrived back, as the sun was setting...

...and enjoyed a hearty meal at the end of each happy day.

Images by David Coughlan

by Elizabeth Coughlan


  1. Elizabeth,

    Liz and I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the boys at play. Your blog is fantastic, thanks for sharing. I think the "Not-Yet" under David's picture should modify Gapper, instead of the adjective it now modifies, but what do Americans know about the English language.

    1. Thanks, Kieran. The "not-yet" was originally because David said he wasn't yet geriatric. But, I get your point, because he is no longer a "gapper", as he has a job. So it should probably read "Not-Yet Geriatric, Neither a Gapper"


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