Hidiv Kasri, Bekos, Istanbul

Enjoying Hidiv Kasri

This famous Istanbul landmark, with its unusual main tower jutting above the tree line, 
was designed by the  Italian architect Delfo Seminati in 1903.

Beautifully laid out flower beds among the trees

It's tulip time in Istanbul so we headed for Hidiv Kasri, with Maggie as our guide, to admire the gardens there.  Hidiv Kasri, (or the Khedive's Villa) was formerly the residence of the Ottoman Governor of Egypt, and is a beautifully preserved remnant of Ottoman hiştory. Today, this Art Nouveau Villa serves as a public garden where you can enjoy the shady groves, and well-kept flower gardens, with their sweeping view of the Bosphorus.

We wandered along the pathways, straying off to photograph the tulips...

...which meandered among the trees

We also toured the villa. Here is the sumptuous dining room...

...and elegant bedroom...

...with its antique bath and shower...

...and its walls decorated in painted tiles.

After our tour, we were treated to a fabulous buffet lunch, courtesy of Maggie. Unfortunately, the food was so delicious, that I forgot to stop and take a photo before tucking in, but I can assure you that everyone thoroughly enjoyed her hospitality. Thank you, Maggie!

Elizabeth Coughlan


  1. Yours truly stayed in that room almost 30 years ago when this lovely palazzo was a hotel. In fact the room had a wonderful terrace overlooking the Bosphorus. There was a fine dining restaurant on the ground floor with a violin trio. There was a magnificent rose garden extending beyond the breakfast room that they dug up for some reason. I am glad to see that they have more or less retained the furniture and the decor.

    1. What a wonderful memory, Lale. I think they dug up the rose garden outside the breakfast room to put in the swimming pool, and fountains. If we go again, you should join us.


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