Wrinkles of the City, Istanbul

"Wrinkles of the City" portrait in Galata, overlooking the Golden Horn

A friend, Juliana, and I decided to go in search of the "Wrinkles of the city, Istanbul". This is a series of images by the French artist, JR. They are part of a project begun in 2008 in an effort to portray urbanisation in different cities of the world. "Wrinkles" refers to the faces of the elderly affected by the changes and upheavals they have experienced in city life. The portraits are huge, each covering the whole side of a building, forcing the locals to experience JR's massive images.

The Galata Tower looms over one of JR's portraits in Istanbul

An elderly couple cling together, on the side of a warehouse beside the Golden Horn

Many of the images are already damaged by the weather...

...and others have been vandalised

This one in Balat is still in good condition.

Although JR installed 15 images throughout Istanbul, we only managed to find a handful of them. We had a fun day, however, walking in interesting parts of the city, and riding up the Golden Horn in one of the smaller ferry boats. There is always something fun to do in Istanbul.

Elizabeth Coughlan 

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