Photography Trek to Kadirga, Istanbul

Sokullu Mehmet Pasa Mosque

Although it was pouring with rain, the intrepid members of our photography club, braved the elements and travelled to Kadirga, an area of Istanbul. Our first stop was the Sokullu Mehmet Pasa Mosque, which was unfortunately closed, although we did have access to the courtyard.

This mosque, designed by Sinan the Architect, was built in 1571 in the name of the Sokullu Mehmed Pasa, a prominent Grand Vizier in the Ottoman period. It was built on the site of the Aya Anastasia Church dating from the Byzantine period.

The beautiful calligraphy over the entrance to the mosque

Intricate carvings in the wall of the mosque

One of our members decided to photograph the carvings from a different angle

We carried on walking through the wet, rainy streets running with water

We found some interesting graffiti...

...very artistic!

Many of the buildings in this area retain their original form...

...and the streets are quite charming...

...as are some of its inhabitants.

Despite the weather, we had a really interesting day. Thanks to everyone who braved the weather.

Elizabeth Coughlan

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