Family Fun in NSW Australia

A creek by Suzi and Neil's house

The best thing about our trip to Australia this time, was the fact our whole nuclear family was together. Our three daughters and their families, all met together in the Upper Hunter Valley, NSW.

We visited Glenbawn lake together, and had a great lunch in the small cafe there.

We relaxed and had fun together

From the left: Suzi, Clare, Jessica, David, and Jane

While we were waiting for the meal, some of us played football, 
and then had to retrieve the ball from the roof

Jane, Suzi and Brandyn strolling down the hill to the creek

All the grandchildren had an absolute ball playing in the creek by Suzi and Neil's house.

Jessica, reflected in the creek

Katelyn, playing by the creek

Hugo, digging in the creek

A very tired Katelyn is carried home by her Aunty Janie.

What a wonderful time we had, hopefully one that will be repeated through the years to come.

Elizabeth Coughlan


  1. Awesome memories and photography by an awesome lady.

    1. Thank you, Aldine. I hope to be able to catch up with you one day; although I do keep up with your awesome images of your family on Facebook!


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