Glenbawn Lake, NSW, Australia

Glenbawn Lake, NSW, Australia

This beautiful lake, and surrounding area, is a result of damming the Hunter River in the Upper Hunter Valley, NSW. The dam wall was originally built between 1948 and 1958, with a later raising of the wall in 1987. It is very near to where our daughter, Jane, and family live, so they are able to visit here regularly.

These sunken trees reminded us of lake Kariba in Zimbabwe

It is now a state park, with amenities for fishing, many forms of water sport, picnic areas with BBQs, children's playgrounds, and even tennis. There are also camping sites with fire pits, and numerous cabins and bungalows, so it is a perfect place to stay. It is also a nature-lover's paradise, with over 100 species of birds, and extensive woodlands with numerous kangaroo, and other Australian wildlife.

Waiting to greet new arrivals!

Sean looking for fish

Peaceful views across the lake

A perfect camping site. You can see the fire pit on the grass

A peaceful little backwater

When we visited, it was winter, so there were few other visitors; even though the sun was shining and it wasn't particularly cold.

A walk beside the lake

There is something wonderful about walking in the countryside, with only the sounds of nature surrounding you. It always makes me feel happy.

Even the road out was picturesque

I think this park needs to be on our itinerary, every time we visit Jane, Sean, Shannon, and Jordan, in their new home in Australia.

Elizabeth Coughlan


  1. Love the reflection photo! And looks like a great day out of the city. :) I still haven't seen any kangaroos in the wild yet; I thought they would be hopping around everywhere!

    1. You need to go to the countryside, especially the Upper Hunter Valley! There are hundreds everywhere. They are a particular menace as night falls, as they suddenly hop across the road. We have had several near misses!


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