Photography Trek to Burgazada


Burgazada Waterfront

Just before leaving Istanbul for our new nomadic life, I joined my last trek with our photo club. We visited Burgazada (the Island of Burgaz), one of the Princes Islands, in the Sea of Marmara. This island is a favourite holiday getaway for locals; although few tourist manage to find their way there, preferring to visit the much larger Buyukada, or Big Island.

Burgazada is well-known for its fresh fish

Stray dogs roam the island, and are found everywhere.

Flowers were blooming all over the island, like this purple hibiscus

Photographer at work

We climbed up the island's hills to photograph the locals going about their daily work

Horses roam the island too!

Private cars are not allowed on the island. transport is by way of horse and carriage. It was coming to the end of the summer season, so not so many carriages were needed. Extra horses are put out to grass for the winter, and usually spend their time wandering the island. Unfortunately, they are often chased by the packs of homeless dogs.

The population of the island is mainly Turks with a Greek heritage, 
which explains the existence of the Greek Orthodox churches.

We were fascinated by this sign in a shop window.
You can see our group reflected here.

Beautiful bougainvillea was everywhere!

I caught this reflection in a doorway

The Asian side of Istanbul, from the water

Too soon, our trek was over, and we were headed back to the city. I hope to visit Istanbul, this time as a tourist, in November. I loved belonging to the photo club, and I definitely recommend it for any new resident. You get to see areas of the city that you might never see on your own, and with a group of wonderful friends. I will certainly miss you all!

Elizabeth Coughlan


  1. Looks like a wonderful trek out! I love the reflection photo-it's like a mirror! I really miss our photo group too and I was quite new at the time when I first met you. I've seen a few photo groups listed here in Melbourne but they do everything on the weekend.

    Hopefully we'll catch up down under! All the best in your new adventure. Cheers, JOY

    1. It was great fun, Joy. We will be down under for 3 months at the beginning of the year, then off to NZ for a month before returning for another 3 months to Oz. I am sure we can manage to meet up somehow during that time. Looking forward to seeing you again. Perhaps we can do our own trek!


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