Istanbul to Zimbabwe, Abu Dhabi, Australia and New Zealand.

Our journey since leaving Istanbul at the end of September 2015

Since leaving Istanbul at the end of September 2015, David and I have been travelling the world to see friends and relatives. We flew to Zimbabwe for a family wedding, fishing on the Zambezi, and a walking safari in Mana Pools; then on to Abu Dhabi to stay with our daughter, Clare. We had a two week break in Istanbul with dear friends, Angela, and Korhan, before returning to Abu Dhabi for the month of December. Since then, we have been to Australia to visit our other two daughters, Jane and Suzi, and are currently in New Zealand on a visa run, before returning to Australia.

The problem with being truly nomadic, is that it is very difficult to keep up with daily activities, like blogging. However, I have decided, that, come what may, I must try my hardest to continue recording the events of my travelling life. This became apparent when visiting friends in New Zealand, and we were trying to recall what we did the last time we were together. Eight years is a long time, but, we only had to look at my blog, and we were able to see everything we had done at the time, and recap many happy memories.

But, let's step back a little, and revisit the times I should have blogged about to date.

We spent a wonderful Christmas in Abu Dhabi, with Clare and Reg. 

Presents under the tree

Clare was delighted with her watch.

...and David loved his new running socks

Reg was unsure of how to use his "Health Tool", suggestions in the comments section please!

We began the day by opening our presents, and then made our way to the Southern Sun Hotel, where we enjoyed an amazing Christmas Day Brunch.

Our table was waiting for us

It was difficult to choose from the wonderful array of starters...

...and the desserts!

For mains, the turkey was a must!

...for dessert, should I have the stollen?

...or these? Hmmm, maybe,,, both!

There was also a choir from a local church to sing Christmas carols for us.

...and, of course, Father Christmas!

We had such a wonderful time in Abu Dhabi, that we are looking forward to our return visit next April. Thank you Clare and Reg!


  1. Another great story and the photos are fantastic. Have missed you. Glad you are back to writing.

    1. Thank you, Karen. It is quite hard to get organised while on the move, but I just have to try to do it. We are having such a wonderful time, I have lots to report. Hope everything is OK with you, and that Paddy is feeling better.

  2. Merhaba from Melbourne! I always find it difficult to keep up with photos and blogging while on the road too. Would love to see your Zimbabwe photos! :)

    Are you still based in Sydney? If so, please let me know. I may be heading there soon with hubby bc he has work commitments. Maybe we can find a place for cay?

    1. Hi Joy. You can see my Zimbabwe photos here: http://geriatricgapper.blogspot.co.nz/2015_10_01_archive.html
      Just scroll down for all the posts. When in Australia, we are based in the Upper Hunter Valley, abut 5 hours from Sydney, although we do fly in and out of Sydney, so are there briefly from time to time. I do hope we can meet up some time, that would be fun!


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