Australia v NZ 1st Test Match 2016


Crowd waiting for the first test match between Australia and New Zealand,
at the Basin Reserve, Wellington

We had breakfast in the Members’ Lounge

Brian, David and I made an early start and hastened to take our places for breakfast in the Members’ Lounge of the Basin Reserve cricket ground in Wellington. After our ‘typical English breakfast’, we listened to Ashley Mallet, an Australian international cricketer of the ‘70’s, who regaled us with his memories of that era, before taking our seats in the members’ enclosure.

The teams warming up on the field before the match

Crowds on the field at lunchtime

New Zealand cricket grounds are unique, in that they allow people on to the ground during the lunch break of a match. No other country allows this for security reasons, and so the pitch is not damaged during the match. It appears that New Zealanders are more responsible than the rest of the world!

Captains go out for the toss

Winning the toss of a coin is vital in cricket, as it determines which team goes in to bat first. New Zealand didn’t want to win the toss, as this would mean the Australians would put them in to bat while the wicket was new. Apparently, it is more advantageous to bat after the ground has worn down a bit.

Oh, dear! Australia won the toss!

The National Anthems are played at the beginning of a test match…

…and then the match begins

Unfortunately for the local supporters, New Zealand never recovered from their first morning collapse and were beaten by Australia.

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