Towarri National Park, NSW, Australia

Entrance to the picnic area in Towarri National Park

Just a short distant from Scone, where Jane and family were living, is a mini-wilderness of twisting paths through beautiful creeks, past lush ferns, and some of the least-disturbed forest in NSW, Australia. We drove there for the day, to chill out, and picnic in this tranquil spot.

The clear, crystal waters of Washpools Creek

We followed the track along the banks of the Washpool Creek, just one of the wonderful wilderness walks in this part of the Gondwana Rainforests. Fortunately, many years ago, loggers were prevented from entering the area by large numbers of protestors. Finally, the area was declared a national park, thus preserving it for future generations to enjoy this untouched gift of nature.

Clear pools of water are inviting in the heat of summer

Washpools is a great place for a picnic by the water, and a perfect spot to cool off in the heat of the afternoon, while listening to the many distinctive bird calls.

Interesting rock formations along the creek

From time to time, the air is filled with the sound of mini waterfalls, cascading through the rocks...

…and then slowing into a quiet, gently flowing pool

Zen rock piles in the creek

When we first arrived at the Washpool Creek, we heard rock music playing, that seemed out of place.
Then we discovered two young guys engrossed in building these zen rock piles, so we forgave them, as they were in the zone!

Lush forest surrounds the creek

The bushland surrounding this tranquil spot is river oak forest and box woodland, home to an incredible diversity of plants, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds. We are so fortunate to have access to this unparalleled landscape.

Elizabeth Coughlan

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