Practicing Dragon Boat Racing, Wellington, NZ

Dragon Boat crew practicing for the Festival

I must confess, I am not a fan of cricket, although I don't mind watching the occasional game. So, on the day after our visit to the Basin Reserve, I decided not to accompany David to the second day of the test match between Australia and New Zealand, choosing, instead, to take my camera, and see what other delights the city of Wellington had to offer.

I noticed groups of people heading to the waterfront, so I followed them. They were all going to watch the teams practicing for the 2016 Dragon Boat Racing Festival. Wellington holds the largest Dragon Boat Festival in New Zealand, and this 2 day event attracts thousands to its action packed entertainment. What I was watching was a training event, leading up to the finals.

Any group can enter their team, and the organisers will even help with coaching in the weekends before the event. This is a true team sport where timing is everything. Just one person out of sync can jeopardise the whole team's effort. It obviously takes a lot of work, but it looks such fun!

Here is the video I took that day

Elizabeth Coughlan


  1. The festival combines traditional elements of a religious occasion with the drama and glory of asporting event. The event takes place every year in Hong Kong.

    1. Thank you for your insightful comment, and link, Journeymart.


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