Wellington NZ's Own Gezi Park

The protesters’ banner attached to the railings overlooking the green

I was living in Turkey during the Gezi Park demonstrations against the government's plan to raze that
small green space, and build a shopping mall. Although the demonstration was peaceful, and non-
threatening, the police reacted violently with tear gas, and water cannons, inflaming the situation. I couldn't help but compare this with the attempt by residents of Wellington to prevent their local council from selling or leasing this tiny green space to a private developer.

Jack Ilott Green is a tiny sanctuary among concrete high rises

I will admit that the park doesn’t look much, but that is because the local council have stopped all maintenance on it, according to the protesters.

Collecting signatures for the petition to the Wellington City Council

This was the sign behind the protesters’ table.

I love it when the people speak. I believe this petition has already collected over 8,000 signatures.If the developers do move in, perhaps they can have an ‘Occupy Jack Ilott Green’. Although, unlike 'Occupy Gezi Park’, I can't imagine the New Zealand police donning riot gear, bringing in water cannons, and tear gassing the protesters, so perhaps ‘Occupy Jack Ilott Green’ is the way to go.

More information can be found on  http://savejackilottgreen.my-free.website/ and

Elizabeth Coughlan

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