Maple Glen Gardens, Southland, NZ

Maple Glen Gardens

I have never seen so many shades of green in one place, as I did in Maple Glen Gardens. This work of art, hidden away in Southland New Zealand, about 40 minutes' drive from Invercargill, is overlooked by most visitors to Southland.

Brian, David, and Wayne walking through the gardens

Maple Glen is a 25-acre private garden, lovingly developed over the last 47 years by the owners, Bob and Muriel Davison. We would never have found this magnificent garden without our local guides, Brian and Wayne, but it was well worth the trip.

The garden was immaculate everywhere we looked...

…with beautiful floral displays

…and even a field of sheep

David took some great photos with his phone

Does anyone know the name of this plant?
The colour is stunning

We enjoyed watching the ducks…

And the wonderful views

Hmmm… looks like someone’s taking a break

Photographers are always lagging behind the group,
but I eventually found them, and joined them.
(Brian took this photo with my camera)

There were birds everywhere, but these pigeons were the easiest to capture!

The guys take a well-earned rest after all the walking we did

If you ever find yourself in the south of South Island, New Zealand, then this garden is a wonderful place for photographers, birders, and gardeners. Entry is free, but there is a donations box if you want to contribute towards the upkeep of the gardens. There is also a nursery, where you can buy many of the exotic plants.

Thank you, Brian and Wayne, for taking us on great day out in Southland.

Elizabeth Coughlan


  1. How lovely! That's a great close up of the sheep too! Yes, Scotland is always so green and every shade of it as well! We recently visited the Auckland area and NZ continues to impress me. I wish we could just take a month off and explore it all. :)

    1. We had a wonderful time down in Southland. It was our second visit there, and I hope it won't be our last. It should definitely be on everyone's bucket list. I hope you get the chance to go there again.

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