Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Our first view of Brisbane, from the summit of Mount Coot'tha

On our return to Australia, we headed for Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, to stay with our friends, Jan and Tim, in their wonderful apartment, overlooking the Brisbane River - what a view!

Sunset, as seen from the balcony of Jan and Tim’s apartment

“Look at me when I am talking to you!”
Kookaburras in the gum tree outside Jan and Tim’s apartment

Brisbane is a big, modern, fast growing city, spreading on both sides of the Brisbane River, with high-rise buildings springing up everywhere. 

Brisbane cityscape showing modern high rise buildings

There are older buildings among the new, like this,
the former Queensland Government Treasury Building

Dating from 1893, this building is a heritage-listed public administration building. It fell into disuse, when the government moved their offices in 1971, and it is now the Treasury Casino, owned by Tabcorp. However, this will ensure that this fine old building has been saved for posterity.

Another heritage listed building is City Hall, 
a centre for cultural, social, and civic events

The main auditorium of City Hall

Taking a moment to rest!

Albert Street Uniting Church

Just across from the City Hall is the Albert Street Uniting Church. Dating from 1889, this Gothic-style church has become dwarfed by the towering blocks surrounding it.

Statues are a feature in Brisbane. This one is the Petrie Tableau

The Petrie Tableau was commissioned in 1988 to honour Brisbane’s early families, and to capture the pioneering spirit of the city. It shows Andrew Petrie leaving for an inland expedition in 1842. His wife is handing him a drinking bottle, watched by their daughter Isabella. Young Tom Petrie plays on the river bank with two Aboriginal friends, while John Petrie is holding his father's horse. John became Brisbane's first Mayor. The figure on the left is a convict who was freed by Petrie. The Sculpture is by Stephen Walker.

These statues in the square facing city hall are in what is known as Speakers’ Corner

These bronze statues show, from left to right, Steele Rudd, author and storyteller; Emma Miller, trade union organiser and suffragist; and Sir Charles Lilley, former Premier and Chief Justice of Queensland.

The Shrine of Remembrance monument and the Eternal Flame

This major Brisbane landmark is a war memorial dedicated to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (Anzacs).  It stands at the top of Anzac Square, and on 25 April, every year, a Dawn Service is held there in commemoration of the many Queenslanders who died in all the wars since WW1

A Boab Tree (Adansonia gregorii)

I was surprised to see this tree in Anzac Square. I am familiar with Baobab trees in Southern Africa, but I didn’t realise that there was a similar tree in Australia.

There were lots of Sacred Ibis birds strutting around the square

I was fascinated by these strange steel balls dotted around the city

This “Street Art” by Donna Marcus, is made from recycled vegetable steamers, welded on to metal plates. The balls were randomly placed on Brisbane square, by the artist, after she threw minature copies on to a map, and that determined where they would be set.

Thank you Tim and Jan for introducing us to your beautiful city. I hope we get the chance to explore it further, in the not-too-distant future!

Elizabeth Coughlan


  1. Do I sense a new lens at work here ;) Stunning pics Elizabeth! Easy to get drawn into the images, as if one was actually there. A lady of many talents and master of them all. Love your blogs and photography. Time to don your "mentoring" hat and give photography classes ...

  2. Thank you, Aldine.Actually, I was thinking about giving classes - probably in Lightroom, but it is rather difficult, as we are constantly on the move with our nomadic lifestyle!

  3. You are just about due for your pilot's licence! :) Lightroom and maybe something that a lot of folks seem to grapple with .... camera settings, lenses, composition factors,exposure etc. What about offering online classes, introductory lesson is free. Use before and after pics to demonstrate what can be achieved through your course. Basic, intermediate and advanced chargeable. Maybe 2 assignments with each level, one early into the course, second assignment towards end of course over 4 weeks? You do the assignment feedback online. Of course this means no more sipping wine on the plane... you will have to be working ;)

  4. I visit your blog religiously once a day :) Good to see a post after long.
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    1. Gosh, thank you so much. I will definitely start posting again, if only for you.


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