Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland, graduation 2016


 Rebecca graduated from Edinburgh University

We were so happy to be invited to our niece Rebecca's graduation from Edinburgh University, Scotland, which was founded in 1583.

The ceremony was held at Usher Hall

As this was Scotland, there had to be a piper around…

…while we waited for the ceremony to start

University Officials at the graduation ceremony
in their academic gowns

Becca waiting to be called up to receive her degree

This is the culmination of all Becca’s hard work, and we were so happy to be able to celebrate it with her in this time-honoured ceremony. The students are doffed on the head with the historic “Geneva Bonnet”, which legend claims is made using material from the breeches of John Knox.

Unfortunately, I failed to get a record of that, as I was so excited to see Becca being conferred, I forgot to take the photo, and only just managed to take this next one (below).

Becca received her degree

After the ceremony, the graduates waited for the photographer to sort them out by height 
for the official photo… (can you spot Becca?)

…they waited and waited for the photographer to take the photo,
he was very slow.

Meanwhile, we went to the reception venue, and started on the champagne

This was such a special day, and there was more to come. We thought we were going to dinner, but Becca had arranged for us all to go to an Elton John concert. We were ecstatic!  What a wonderful end to the day.

Foy Vance, the opening act at the Elton John concert

For the uninitiated, Foy Vance is a Northern Irish musician and singer-songwriter signed to Glassnote Records in 2013. Vance has toured as a support act to British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and his music has been featured on numerous TV shows.

I just managed to take the above photo, when I was told to put my camera away, as it looked too professional! However, I did manage to take one of Elton John with my phone!

The crowd loved Elton John, and we all sung along with him.

Thank you Becca, for  wonderful day, and an awesome evening!

Elizabeth Coughlan

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