Camp Amalinda, Matopos National Park, Zimbabwe

Amalinda Camp is hidden away in an ancient Bushman’s shelter

The reception centre, where we were warmly greeted by Colin
who entertained us throughout our stay

Although the Matobo National Park is only 33 km away from Bulawayo, where we were staying, we decided to stay overnight in the park, even though we could easily drive there and back for the day. We stayed at the Amalinda Safari Lodge on the edge of the park.

 The individually thatched lodges are built like African huts

Although the accommodation looks basic from the outside, the inside was comfortable, with all the amenities you could wish for.

My towels were folded to represent an Aardvark

There was also a great outdoor area where we could sit in peace and quiet…

…and watch the wildlife, like this blue-tailed skink

Although this safari lodge is privately owned, the whole area of the Matobo Hills is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is the oldest National Park in Zimbabwe. It was first established in 1926 as a bequest by Cecil John Rhodes, and is the place where he was buried.

The pool area, where you can sit and relax…

...while you watch the wildlife

This is the entrance to the dining room by the pool!

The rocks were covered with loads of these lizards basking in the sun

Everywhere you look, the view is beautiful

This is the “boma” area, where we enjoyed our sundowners around a fire

We only stayed one night at Camp Amalinda, but we will definitely go back there, as we had such a wonderful time.

Elizabeth Coughlan

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