Ivory Lodge Hwange, Zimbabwe. Evening Day 2

These Giraffe were just standing beside the road as we drove to Hwange game park

After our most amazing early morning game drive on our first day at Ivory Lodge, we set out on a sunset drive the same day. We headed for a viewing platform where we were to have sundowners while watching the game come down to drink.

On the way we saw the huge Presidential Elephant Herd

The herd was awarded a presidential decree in 1990 to demonstrate Zimbabwe’s commitment to responsible wildlife management. The decree was intended to protect these elephants against future hunting and culling: unfortunately this is no longer enforced, and the herd is being depleted by poachers.

Our view of the waterhole

As you can see, there were mainly elephant at the waterhole, and the water was very low. When the waterhole is full, it extends all the way to the trees beyond. Everyone is waiting anxiously for the rains to come.

One of the elephants found a puddle of fresh water,
and began digging down into the ground, while two others stood by waiting

Two of them chased one of the elephants away,
and then eagerly began drinking

Then they decided to fight over who could drink the water

The winner stood guard over his supply of water,
and his adversary slowly turned and walked away

We settled back and watched more game coming down to drink.
We saw Zebra…

…and Wildebeest

…as well as Baboon

We got back to Ivory Lodge just as the sun was setting,
to find Jameson, the Head Waiter, ready to serve our pre-dinner drinks

After we had all gone to sleep, we were suddenly woken by Michelle Keefe (PA to Marketing Department of the company) to see the jaw-dropping sight of hundreds of Buffalo, gathering round the lodge's waterhole. I will let her give her own account. It can be found here.

What a wonderful trip we were having. It’s definitely one I would want to repeat over and over again.

Elizabeth Coughlan

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