New Balance Beach Run, Abu Dhabi, 2016

Reg and Clare after finishing their 7.2 km Beach Run

Have you ever tried to run far in soft sand? If you have you will know it's a killer for your calf muscles. Well, my daughter, Clare, and her husband, Reg, both signed up for a 7.2 km run on a beach for the New Balance Beach Run in Ab Dhabi, which shows just how fit they are.

The run organisers’ promotion pamphlet said, "The different run options of 1.8k, 3.6k and 7.2k mean that there’s a run suitable for everyone whether you’re an avid runner, lacing up your shoes for the first time or just looking for a fun activity for you and your friends or family."

The day had a carnival-like atmosphere, as runners of all ages got ready for their runs. Fortunately, Clare and Reg were in the first batch of runners, as it was very hot on the beach for us spectators.

Setting off with determination

Clare setting a good pace

Still smiling after the first 1.8 km lap

Competitors beginning to string out

Reg still on track

Reg keeps up the pace right to the finish

Clare receiving her medal

Reg receives his medal, as they take off his race bracelet

Well done Clare and Reg! A monumental effort!

Elizabeth Coughlan

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