Red Arrows and UAE Air Force in Abu Dhabi


Clare’s apartment complex in Abu Dhabi

We are so fortunate that Clare and Reg’s apartment in Abu Dhabi is right by the Corniche, an 8km long curving walkway and cycle path by the sea. It’s there we can walk, and enjoy all sorts of activities put on for the amusement of residents and visitors alike.

While we were there, the famous Red Arrows arrived to give a stunning display of their skills. It was the same weekend that the Formula One Race was run, so there were lots of visitors to watch the spectacle.

Hundreds gathered on the Corniche to watch the Red Arrows' aerobatic stunts,
as they flew overhead

The Red Arrows visit to Abu Dhabi was part of a two-month long tour of the Middle East, to demonstrate the best of British innovation and industry. It certainly was impressive!

Go Red Arrows!

The following week was Abu Dhabi’s National Day, and this time it was the turn of the UAE Air Force to show their skills.

David standing on the corniche, watching out for the jets

Smoke streamed behind the jets…

 …and left their mark behind!

We had so much fun watching these two displays of precision timing and breath-taking manoeuvres as these jets zoomed through the skies. And I had fun trying to photograph both events. I can tell you, it was no easy task!

Elizabeth Coughlan

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