Enjoying Our Time in South Africa

St Anne’s Diocesan College, South Africa - Grandparent’s Morning

We were so happy that our visit to South Africa coincided with Grandparent’s Morning at our granddaughter, Jessica’s, school. Our itinerant lifestyle doesn’t often coincide with events like this, although we do try to fit them in.

Our programme for the morning

The day began with all the visiting grandparents gathered together in the school chapel for a talk by the  Deputy Head, George Niven, followed by a music concert by the girls.

The choir sang, and the orchestra played such lovely music.

Our granddaughter, Jessica, played the flute. Here she is in the white jersey.

After the concert we were entertained with tea and cake

After morning tea, the grandparents were then taken on a tour of the school. We had already done this in the past, so we collected Jess, and took her off for the weekend to stay in Umhlanga, where she can relax and enjoy her own space away from boarding school.

 Another event we were able to attend, was the ‘Bring-Your-Own Supper Concert'.

 All the tables were beautifully laid out and decorated,
all we had to provide was the food and drink

As you can see, our meal was sushi, and red wine. Most delicious. While we were dining, the girls performed all sorts of music – both singing (in both Zulu and English) and all sorts of different instrumental groups. I was really impressed by the music department at the school. All the music was of a very high standard. Most enjoyable.

It was a very popular event…

…which finished with a medley of songs by the choir.

When we are in South Africa, we try to take Jess out as much as possible, to make up for her being so far from home. And also because we love spending time with her. She especially enjoys dining out, and her absolutely favourite place is Catch in Umhlanga Rocks.

Sushi is always top

Now we are back in Abu Dhabi, but we definitely aim to go back next year to spend more time with our eldest granddaughter. Thank you for making us happy, Jessica.

Elizabeth Coughlan

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