Reflections on Abu Dhabi Part 1

Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi reflected in the waters of the marina

I love visiting Abu Dhabi, as I find the architecture of this rapidly growing city, so interesting and innovative. Lately, I have been able to view the city from the water, thanks to my friends Billy and Lisa, who invite me out onto their boat trips. There are times, when the sea is calm, that the beauty of the buildings are reflected in the water. So this has become my latest project, “Reflections on Abu Dhabi”.

Buildings along the Corniche, a popular walkway along the edge of the sea.

The pointed towers in the background are the complex where Clare and Reg live. The Corniche is just a short walk away from them (as long as it’s not too hot to walk).

 Another view of the buildings along the Corniche
with beautiful reflections

Al Reem Island is developing quickly. 
I’m sure there is a completely new building in place every time I pass by

In addition to the modern architecture, 
there are new traditionally built houses too

This traditional architecture has a purpose in this hot, dry land

These traditional houses, reflected in the sea, have wind towers, or Barjeels. This is the traditional architecture found throughout the Arabian Gulf. In arid climates the wind tower acts as a ventilation system allowing hot air to rise out the top of it, and cooler directed winds to flow down into the home.

Le Méridien Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Mall and Beach Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi

These are just two of the many hotels with amazing beaches, in Abu Dhabi, that we sailed past on our boating trips. Great views, and a luxurious lifestyle: no wonder I love visiting Abu Dhabi.

Elizabeth Coughlan

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