United Arab Emirates Celebrates 46 Years

Highly skilled pilots gave a heart-stopping aerobatic display.

National Day is always a major event in Abu Dhabi, with lots of entertainment. This year was no exception. The United Arab Emirates’  Airforce, with their death-defying stunts, entertained the thousands that gathered on the Corniche to watch them.

The jets soared high into the sky,
Streaming the colours of the National Flag behind them.

Another group of jets gave us a rainbow across the sky…

…which the wind blew into colourful clouds…

…hanging over the city

Suddenly, a beautiful arc appeared, followed by another…

…Leaving a heart, suspended in the sky.

All too soon, they were gone, 
leaving their colourful clouds suspended over Abu Dhabi.

I do hope I get to see this again next year. It really is a wonderful spectacle.

Elizabeth Coughlan

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