Upper Hunter Small Schools’ Swimming Carnival, NSW, Australia

Scone Memorial Swimming Pool

I love attending our grandchildren’s school functions, so I was delighted when Katelyn was involved in her school’s swimming carnival while I was here in Australia. It was held at the Scone Memorial Swimming Pool, originally built to commemorate those who died in service, or were killed in action in World Wars One and Two. I was very impressed by the 50 metre pool. It looked well cared for, and it is such a great amenity for a small town like Scone.

Suzi was there to support Katelyn, too.

Katelyn’s school is tiny, having only 21 children over all, and belongs to the Upper Hunter Small Schools’ Association. The swimming gala, or swimming carnival in Australian speak, was a competition between 5 country schools in the Upper Hunter. Only children aged 8 and over are allowed to swim, so this reduced Ellerston’s numbers even more, they were down to only 12 contestants.

Some of Ellerston’s swimmers before the carnival.

Suzi put zinc on Katelyn’s cheeks to protect them from the sun

Katelyn’s Headmaster was the starter for each race

Katelyn ready for her first race

Katelyn swimming the 25 metre freestyle race

Katelyn came third in her race

After her race, Katelyn needed some refreshment…

…which turned her tongue blue.

Katelyn also swam in the 25 metre noodle race

Parents turned out to help as timekeepers

The day was very hot, but fortunately each school had their own tent

Ellerston’s relay team with their awards

This was a fun day, and Ellerston Public School did really well, despite their small size. They won the most races in relation to the size of their school, although a much larger school, with far more pupils competing won over all. Well done Ellerston.

Elizabeth Coughlan

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