Chocolate Master Class, Southern Sun, Abu Dhabi

Our Chocolate masterclass attendees

The Expat Women’s group, here in Abu Dhabi, organized a Chocolate Master Class at the Southern Sun Hotel, followed by high tea. We had a fun afternoon learning about how chocolate delicacies are made, by Don Munasinghe, the Executive Pastry Chef at the hotel.

 Don described the contents of the various types of chocolate

 Don’s assistant was Sameera

They showed us an assortment of chocolate and fillings
which we couldn’t resist tasting

Don had prepared some empty chocolate bases and showed us how to add the filling

Then we had to try it for ourselves

Our efforts were a little less than pristine

I must confess to making the most mess trying to squirt the blueberry filling into the bases. Whereas Don’s fillings were exact with no added mess, mine, especially, definitely missed the mark on occasions.

Rolling dark chocolate truffle

While our filled trays were cooling in the fridge, Don showed us how to roll Dark Truffle Chocolate into balls, and then cover them in chocolate powder. His were perfectly spherical and all the same, while ours were a little oddly shaped, and different sizes. Obviously needs more practice.

Our chocolate master showing us how to make the chocolate bases

At each step, Don explained about the equipment that was best to use, and also how important it is to get the temperature of the chocolate right at each stage. Once the chocolate has melted, it has to be cooled to between 28 and 30 degrees before it is put into a mould. Then it must be quickly processed before it becomes too hard.

Some of the ladies did very well

I decided not to try this, as I was sure mine would end up all over the floor. I am not renowned for my culinary skills. Unfortunately, because I so obviously hung back, I was pushed forward when Don demonstrated how to wrap a cake in chocolate.

Can you tell which is mine and which is the one Don made?
The clue might be in the chocolatey fingerprints I managed to leave. 

Don mixed white and dark chocolate…

…smoothed them together, and pushed out stems…

…and then petals, to the amazement of us all.

 Our Master Chocolatier with our final masterpieces

After the class, it was time for tea. Here are some of the delights.



This was such a fun activity, and everyone enjoyed it immensely. If ever you get the chance to attend a Chocolate Master Class at the Southern Sun Hotel, don’t hesitate. No one minds if you make a mess, there’s absolutely no pressure. I am smiling now just thinking about it.

Elizabeth coughlan


  1. Excellent resume of what looks like a fun activity. Lovely action photos too! Pat G


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