Reflecting on Architecture in Abu Dhabi, UAE

I often find myself gazing at buildings in Abu Dhabi, as it has such amazing architecture; but one thing I absolutely love is when I see a building reflected on another building. I find the patterns fascinating.

This morning, I was down at the pool for my morning swim, and, as I completed my lengths, I couldn’t help noticing the patterns surrounding me. So here is a selection of what I could see this morning.

Turquoise reflections in windows

 Orange and blue

Reflection in a window

Reflection of a tall tower

 Glass tower in a glass tower

 Wiggly lines in blue

 Reflections in the pool where I swim

 Patterns all over

The weather is heating up here in Abu Dhabi, but I really need to take my camera and walk around the city to photograph all those amazing reflections before it becomes unbearably hot. Abu Dhabi is amazing!
Elizabeth Coughlan

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