My African Family

Paddy picked me up at the airport last Friday and took me to Karen and Ian's house for a couple of hours before my flight to Durban, where Sean was to meet me. Everybody seemed well, and Liam and Kian were as delightful as ever. Karen has had substantial work done on her house and it is now bigger and better designed for their needs. (Not that it was small before!!) I will try to take some pictures on my return trip.

This photo is for Clare so that she can see the hoodies she bought for Shannon and Jordan..

After catching up with family gossip, it was, too soon, time to go back to the airport to catch my flight to Durban. There, Sean was waiting to take me back to Waterfall KZN, where I am at present. My grandchildren, Shannon and Jordan, are quite delightful and I have enjoyed being with them. Jane is having great success as a freelance writer and Sean has his business up and running and work is coming in steadily.

A day at the beach

Monday was a holiday - Freedom Day - and we drove to Umhlanga to meet up with David's brother Terry and his wife Sue, who are staying there for a month as a respite from the trials and tribulations of farming in Zimbabwe. It was wonderful to see them again and catch up with all their news. We spent the day with them on the beach and had tea and cakes back in their apartment before driving back home again. The children loved the beach and Jordan, in particular, was very cross to be taken away even though he was shivering with cold from the rather stiff breeze!

Sue helping Jordan to dig in the sand

Jordan loved playing with the water and the sand and he didn't want to leave the beach!

Shannon and Jordan playing in a rock pool.

Now Jane is busy writing, as she has deadlines to meet, and I am catching up on some R&R, because, for some strange reason, I can't log onto Jane's wireless network!


  1. I love all the photos! Keep posting them as it is great to see family! Enjoy the rest of your trip xx

  2. No Fair! I want to see Sue and Terry! Can't believe how much Shannon has grown up already! And Jordan of Course is Adorable! Hope you are having a ball xoxoxo


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