Photography Day 7: The Princes' Islands

Transport on Buyukada

No tour of Istanbul is complete without a visit to the islands. So on Jerry's last day, I took him to this idyllic spot. We visited Büyükada (The Big Island), the largest of the 5 inhabited Princes Islands. Angela met us from the ferry, and we took a horse and buggy ride around the island, stopping from time to time to take photos. Apart from the municipality vehicles, like the ambulance, police car, and rubbish truck, no cars are allowed on the island, so the only means of transport is by horse and buggy.

We stopped for a cup of Turkish tea, so the horses 
could rest after pulling the carriage up a long hill climb.

We stopped from time to time to photograph the view...

...while Angela admired the view from the buggy

After our ride, we had lunch in a fish restaurant by the sea. 
We chose our first course from the mezzes on offer...

..and finished with a cup of Turkish coffee

The view from the restaurant was stunning

Later, we walked up to Angela's house for tea, and just had to find room 
for this delicious cake and ice cream dessert

On our return to the mainland, we decided to photograph the fish market by the Bostanci port. This fish seller insisted on having his photo taken with Jerry.

This was such a fun day, and I hope Jerry enjoyed it as much as I did!

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