30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 11

I took this photo today. It shows the Nuruosmaniye Mosque, in Istanbul, 
and the roofs of the Grand Bazaar, where James Bond was chased on a motorcycle in
his latest film. It inspires me to take a chance, like James Bond!

Our task for today in the 30 Day Blog Challenge, is to determine, 
"Which business model is best for you, 
and what one revenue stream is most feasible?"

I am a photographer, and when I look at my life, I realise that, although I intend to have a more professional blog than the one I have, I wouldn't want it to be the only focus of my life. I would want time for photography. Therefore, the business model best for me, is one where I can divide my time between blogging and taking pictures. My main business plan would involve, "Selling other people's stuff".

Affiliate marketing seems the way forward. There is a caveat, however. I would not want to promote random businesses. We are often bombarded with offers to "Make Money Online the Easy way", where they want to use your site to advertise a range of dodgy products. I would only choose affiliates I knew and trusted, who's businesses were aligned with mine. I am not getting any younger, unfortunately, so I am looking to build a residual income from the Internet. I have already established this, in a small way, from my stock photography portfolios. So an added stream of income earned through my blog would be perfect. Achievable? I really do think so!

30 day challenge

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