30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 12


Photography makes me happy

A difficult question in today's 30 Day Blog Challenge, involves putting one's self out there, and highlighting why you think you are special enough to succeed in the global market. We are asked, "What is your USP, Unique Special Proposition, that sets you apart from the crowd?"

What are you better at than anyone else?

My strength lies in being happy, and making those around me laugh.  I am a 70 year-old woman who thinks that 70 is a ridiculous number, so I just ignore it, and carry on regardless. I love life, and I am forever throwing myself into all sort of situations and activities that many women of my age, and younger, raise their eyebrows at. Fortunately, I have no time for their negativity and just continue on my own path!

What do you enjoy doing the most?

I travel a lot, and enjoy connecting with people through activity, and adventure. When I retired, I decided I had to find something to do with my life, so I bought a camera, and went on residential photography workshops; one in Seville, Spain; one in Venice, Italy; and one in Paris, France. I kept all my friends and relatives up to date with my journeys through my personal blog. Now I am a stock photographer, and my work is selling!

What do (or could) you provide that no one else is providing?

I could be an example to other older people, and show them that retirement is a new beginning, rather than an end. And help them to love their life, and perhaps make some money to support it.

What annoys people the most about your industry or blog area?

I think the thing that annoys people about trying to get them to find a new purpose in life, is that many bloggers reaching out to retirees try to make their clients jump too soon, so when they reach the first hurdle they give up. "I don't want to be told I need a passion!", is the remark I hear the most, usually from a grumpy old man! So perhaps a less in-your-face, and a more gradual persuasion is needed to help older people find their happiness.

What is remarkable about you?

I don't think I am particularly remarkable, but I love life and adventure, and I want to share that with others.

Do you have an unusual combination of elements?

My unusual combination of elements lie in my youthful outlook on life, while piling on the years, and the fact that I have been nomadic for most of my working life. To me, age really is just a number, so, although I technically fall into the geriatric age group, the very thought of that makes me laugh so much that I include the term in my blog name.

Do you have a big personality?

Oh, yes! I am often too loud, and I make facetious comments, that people really shouldn't take too seriously. I also have a tendency to organise people, as a result of 40 years in education!

I am unique and different because I provide living proof that a nomadic lifestyle is possible at any age. No one else will provide exactly what I can, because they haven't had my life experience.

Ultimately, we are all unique individuals making our own journey in life. But, if you think of all the glitterati out there, famous for their beauty, their money, their style, or just because they are famous for being famous, it's hard to imagine that anyone can pop up from nowhere, and become a well-known blogging personality. But I am going to try.

30 day challenge

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