30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 9

I was confused, I couldn't see the wood for the trees!
Today, we have to answer, "Whose online business do you admire most and why?"

I have to confess, I have been looking at starting a professional blog for ages. But I have always been hesitant about taking that first step. I have followed many successful bloggers, who teach about blogging: John Chow, Darren Rouse of Problogger,  Yaro Starak of the entrepreneurs-journeyGideon Shalwick,  to name but a few. I read voraciously, as they spoke about marketing, and making money with blogging, and how easy it all was. But I didn't have any clear idea of  what niche I would choose, or whether I actually knew anything I could blog about. What could I sell, that anyone would want to pay for? So to me, none of it sounded that easy. Added to which, although they are all lovely people, and genuinely providing a service, I somehow couldn't identify with them. I even downloaded some of their ebooks, many of which, to my shame, remain unread in folders on my computer.

Then Natalie came along with her 30 day blog challenge. "Go for it", said the little voice in my head. "You have to take the plunge sometime. It's now or never!" So I have to say that Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, is the one I admire most. She was the first online blogging expert who actually spoke to me, an older woman who couldn't make up her mind how to achieve her goal.

I find that Natalie's daily blogging prompts are invaluable in clarifying my thoughts. At last, I have a way forward. I now know my niche, and I can even visualise how I want my home page to look. Why, I even know who I can outsource work to, as I have an amazing family who will join me in my journey. I know who my Business Manager, my Virtual Assistant, my Accountant, my Business Planning Adviser, and my Legal Adviser will be. I won't name you all now, but I am sure you can guess who you are!

My path will diverge from Natalie's in that I will be speaking to a different audience. But I will follow her in urging my tribe to cut loose and enjoy life, with the freedom to live anywhere they choose. Bring on the challenge for Day 10, I say!


  1. Oh wow. Thank you. Aren't you a gorgeous one. I'm so glad the little prompts have made you take the big actions!

    1. I would never have got far at all, without your 30 Day Blog Challenge, Natalie! All the blog experts I mentioned are great people, and are offering genuine advice that have helped many people to succeed. But I found them overwhelming, with too much advice too soon. I love your step by step approach, It makes me think really hard about what it is I should be doing.


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