The 30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 7

My husband, David  runs wherever we are in the world. Here, he is running
 beside the Marmara Sea in Istanbul, Turkey

Today's question in the 30 Day Blog Challenge is, "Which key tools will you turn to regularly
 to maintain your mindset and how will you use them effectively?"

Clarity of mind and focus are essential for a location independent entrepreneur. How will you keep your vision alive? How can you stay on target in order to achieve your goals? The right mindset is a vital part of the entrepreneur's armoury. Very few people have the inner strength to achieve their dream lifestyle without assistance. Many of us need tools to help us maintain our path. But what is helpful to one person, might not suit another. Fortunately, the Internet is awash with every kind of tool that can help. If you want to meditate; keep a journal; do yoga; follow an exercise programme; whatever you need, it is there.

My husband runs, wherever we are in the world. He finds it clears his mind and allows him to focus on any problems, or tasks, he needs to complete. For my part, as a photographer I walk a lot, although I really could do with losing some weight and becoming fitter. That would help me to sleep better, and feel a lot healthier within myself, so that I can focus more on what I need to accomplish. To this end, I have signed up to Vic Magary's Fat Loss For Free program, as a tool to help me. I was inspired by a podcast he made with Natalie Sisson, of The Suitcase Entrepreneur, where Natalie tells Vic how she manages to keep fit while travelling.

A frequent tool I use when writing is the Focus@Will music channel. Living on a very busy boulevard in Istanbul, as I do, I can easily be distracted or annoyed by street noises, especially in summer when the windows are open. To enable me to focus and be more productive, I plug in my earphones and type away, while listening to music that has been scientifically proven to aid concentration. You can read about the science behind it on their blog. The site can be accessed through Lifehacker.

I really look forward to hearing from other bloggers just what it is that keeps them on the path to success. Even an old dog can learn new tricks!

30 day challenge


  1. Some of the tools I use are more for organizing information. There is so much information overload that keeping just enough is crucial.

    Thanks for introducing me to Focus@Will..

    1. I couldn't agree more, Dharmesh. That's my problem! I spend so much time absorbing information that I don't get enough done! I'll go over and llok at your tools list. Thanks!

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    I'm also in the 30Day Challenge and was glad I clicked your link. My wife and I will be heading out on our journey starting Oct 1, - Where? We don't know yet but what we do have is the will. Travel has been part of our life for years due to my business but now with both kids gone off to college we are ready to pick up and go.

    I like your sentence "Very few people have the inner strength to achieve their dream lifestyle without assistance". I write about that often.

    I look forward to digging into your blog.

    1. The world is a glorious place, there are so many different scenes to experience. Good luck on your travels. Isn't it great when you can live life on your own terms?

  3. Thanks for the heads up on Focus@Will! I'll be utilizing this at my full-time job tomorrow AND for my website. I listed my "tools" here! http://socialjersey.com/2013/08/day-seven-sustaining-focus-and-inspiration/

  4. I'm sure you'll find it helps a great deal, Katie. I'm going over to your site now, to see you suggestions. It's great we can all communicate like this through Natalie's challenges!


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