The number of pomodoros I will need when I start the Pomodoro Technique

Today's task in the 30 Day Blog Challenge is to examine the "4 Key Areas to Master to Truly Enjoy Being Location Independent." The 4 key areas are; productivity, staying healthy, keeping up with clients, and keeping in touch with your network. So our question is:

"What skills do you need to build or refine to be a happy Suitcase Entrepreneur?"


The very first area I need to build on is productivity. I can find all sorts of excuses not to get down to work, and I know I spend too much time on Facebook and Twitter, as well as reading the day's news in various forms. I have been investigating the Pomodoro Technique that Natalie suggested in her article today, and I can see that is the way to go. I have a kitchen timer that I can press into use. This seems to me an excellent idea to help me focus.

I also found an app called Freedom that stops you from accessing the Internet while you have work to do. You just turn Freedom on, tell it how long you want to focus, and you are offline until your time is up.

Staying Healthy

For a while now, I have been sitting on an exercise ball when working at the computer. It has really helped in making me sit up straight, and enables me to fidget,, and sometimes bounce up and down (which is good for my blood flow). Also, when I sit in a chair for too long, it often hurts the backs of my legs. But now I have a new way of working. I put my computer on a box, and my mouse on a lower box, so that I can stand up while I work. If I am listening to a podcast, I also march up and down on the spot. All this helps me feel so much better and fitter.

The keeping up with clients, and networking, really do not apply to my yet, as I don't have my business up and running. However, I do find Linkedin and Facebook really useful for keeping up with friends, relatives, and like minded people, especially for letting them know when I will be in a different location. Although it doesn't always have the desired effect. As one friend remarked when I put as my Facebook status I was leaving for Crete said, "I'd be more impressed if you were staying in one place for a couple of months!" I just can't help travelling!

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